"This is a great film. The documentary was more than about Aftershock getting to the championship and winning; it was more than about Coach Henderson versus Mary Margaret or a passing game versus a running game. The documentary achieved its excellence with the stories behind the story--such as Coach Henderson's catastrophic injury leaving him an amputee and unable to play but not taking away his absolute love for the game; Mary Margaret's obvious dislike of a strong male authority for her own personal reasons but exhibiting similar strong masculine qualities to become a superstar quarterback and leader; the women wanting to play a man's game but still wanting to be treated like ladies--the director/producer was able to bring all these stories together for an excellent documentary and human drama. Save the additional footage, I bet there are a lot more stories there as well. Very well done!"

Cinema City International Film Festival
AMC Theatre at the Universal City Walk
AWARD WINNER! - Best Documentary (GOLD)


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